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" Creativity is limitess, it adjusts and expands at every new project"



Sophie Venecia Reyes

From a French-Spanish family, Sophie Venecia Reyes has designed ever since she was a child, she is an artist to her core. Self-taught, she trained as a fashion and dress designer and costume supervisor. Her creativity is based on her dialy environment. Her collections are free from all temporary influences based on French craftmanship in which embroidenes, laces, leather and silk hold a major place.


« The originality of blending different fabrics of different consistencies is a permanent challenge. Structure, fluidity, lightness of movement, freshness and inventivity are the key-words of my collections » SVR


Since 2007, Sophie Venecia offers her collections Couture and Ready-to -wear brand SOPHIE REYES in Paris , Dubai, New York ... She quickly imposes her vision as Artistic Director , and immediately binds the brand at the prestigious Festival Cannes international Film . Each year, SOPHIE REYES created for the occasion , a private Show Room at the Carlton Hotel during the fortnight to receive Personalities and VIP Clients present on the Croisette, and decided to organize the annual event brand for the occasion.


Sophie Venecia lays emphasis to this famous cinema event and widens her creative universe with artistic collaborations with the 7th Art. By so doing, she develops her creativity and her expertise as a costume designer.


Her sporty character, her desire to learn constantly changing and the importance of the text and words, open to her new horizons. She then started writing scenarios. Accompanied and supported by cinemas professionals , she tames writing techniques. Today, Sophie Venecia prepares the realization of her first feature film.


Like the skin of an actor is manifold , she pushes up the game to shine in various fields . This is of course , she decides to train with American coach Jack Waltzer , a lifetime member of the Actors Studio.                        




Sophie Venecia is a big passion who lives her life like a perpetual learning , and let her passions guide her. Since then she turns in differents short films and it is in 2016, she managed to turn these first auditions in future feature films .


No boundaries in her actress work and fashion brand work.


Along the way ... It is in Dubai that the brand presents its SOPHIE REYES Dress "K- Meleon " the filed flagship model and symbol of the philosophy of the designer.

This concept is associated with the new line of Ready -to-wear High end the same name , designed by Sophie Venecia Reyes .


Complete artist Sophie Venecia staged parades choreographed by real Shows and combines various artistic worlds such as music , dance , video, and many others .

Each new presentation, a new history is being written !


Sophie enjoys creating scenarios in various areas ... and it is thanks to its sporty character she loves new challenges !


For several years, it is requested as Artistic Director to combine her talent for creativity and team leadership. Sophie Venecia brings a freshness and own creative dimension to it.



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